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Marketing and Sales for the success of your company

There's always been a rivalry between the Sales and the Marketing areas; therefore, aligning their work is very difficult. There are some studies about this that reveal that only 22% of the...

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Commercial process to generate sales with 90% of effectiveness

What you should keep in mind and how you can implement a commercial process to generate sales.

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How can you know that your marketing efforts are optimal?

Here, you'll find how to add more value to your content so that your marketing efforts are optimal.

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5 quick ways to improve your digital marketing efforts

Improving your digital marketing efforts can take a lot of time which is an overwhelming task. That's why we share some...

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What is a marketing and purchase funnel?

The purchase funnel is key in every commercial process.

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BPF - Business Process Framework (2)

Business Process Framework in your company.

It involves a change in the organizational model in which peopleprocesses, and technology are combined to achieve one common objective: the growth of the company.

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Purchase funnel: its stages and their importance

In a purchase funnel, there are several stages that your potential customers go through until they become true...

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What is a CRM and what is it used for?

are u having problems with the organization of your customers? this article is for you. Here, we will explain to you...

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5 tips to write your articles fostering the SEO

In this article, we will explain to you how to write your articles fostering SEO so that they are more effective and...

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Smarketing: Aligning areas

Smarketing sounds very attractive to implement but the key to integrating it is to keep the team aligned.

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Grupo Konecta increases its productivity and efficiency.

(Video in Spanish) We started working on a process that lasted 60 days, with a weekly meeting, and a well-planned agenda to start talking about these problems and the challenges we faced.

After having successfully revised both processes, we divided ourselves into two main groups, [Commercial Bunker] and [Pricing Bunker] to implement it correctly.

The objective was to transform both processes into competitive advantages for the company.

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Konecta incrementa la productividad


Buyer Persona: Attract the customers you are interested in

Creating your buyer persona helps you define and attract the people that are truly potential customers for your...

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5 advantages of using a CRM in your company

Find out the advantages of using a CRM in your company.

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Measuring, controlling and improving: project management indicators

In this article, we tell you how to develop project management indicators that allow you to measure, control and...

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Project management: Main problems, challenges and solutions

Even though the problems of each project are different, there are some challenges and solutions that all projects have...

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3 software tools for project management in 2020 (updated)

If your company doesn't carry out the task of project management correctly, and, especially if you don't have a...

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Sales management: Using a CRM tool

Using a CRM will help you with your sales management considerably.

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How can a CRM tool help my company?

Companies are choosing to have a CRM tool to manage interactions with their customers. Here, you can learn more about...

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Being at the vanguard: Technology use in your business

Using technology correctly in your business has a positive impact on efficiency and productivity.

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The main challenge that triggers having several software in the cloud for the processes within an organization is that these systems communicate with each other.

Process automation is a reality, and in the fourth industrial revolution it can become a strength or a threat.


Project management: How to choose a simple and intuitive tool

Find out the key to choose a simple and intuitive management tool to help you manage your projects more efficiently and...

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What is it and why do you need to apply the Lean Management methodology?

Here you can learn what's Lean methodology about and how it can help you manage your company. Find out how it can help...

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ISO 9001 Certification: Its consequences in the continuous improvement of processes

Even though it seems to be a tedious task, becoming ISO 9001 certified will help you in the continuous improvement of...

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Continuous improvement: Have your processes improved in the last 5 years?

Continuous improvement is a long-term approach to improve processes, products and services. It's vital for your company...

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Process improvement: Six Sigma

Six Sigma is one of the methodologies you can use to improve your processes. Here, you can find the information you...

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Step by step: How to increase productivity at the factory?

Increasing productivity at the factory depends on a combination of employees, teams, and efficient processes. Here, we...

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After closing a sale: measuring customer satisfaction

After you close a sale, it's very important for the growth of your business to be able to measure customer...

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Why is it so important to train your employees?

Training your employees is key to their development and motivation. Take a look at the benefits you'll get.

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5 main employee surveys you should know

We present you with these five employee surveys so you can know how employees feel about working at your company.

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5 tips to increase employee loyalty and commitment

Are you losing employees? Here, you can find 5 amazing tips to increase the loyalty and commitment of your employees at...

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Save time and resources: Uniting your company with its processes

In this article, we explain how you can unite your company with its processes so that you save time and resources.

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Continuous improvement with Lean + Six Sigma + TOC

Companies use BPM process management tools for continuous improvement. We will discuss 3 of them: Lean, Six Sigma and...

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9 tips for a successful employee onboarding process

There are many tactics you can employ in the onboarding of new employees in your company.

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3 steps to integrate WhatsApp with your website

3 easy and quick steps to integrate Whatsapp with your website and include it in your commercial plan to boost your...

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Profitability: Lowering costs or increasing productivity

In a competitive and economically difficult environment, there are two ways in which profitability can be improved:...

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Digital revolution: Automation and integrations, are they necessary?

Your company can benefit from digital transformation. Automation and integrations help you increase productivity, among...

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How to carry out a complete financial audit and optimize its cost

A financial audit is an exercise to monitor your company's financial position closely. There, you will see what is...

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Wasting time: What is delaying the completion of your projects?

In order to avoid wasting time in the set-up of your project, implement a digital tool for its correct management and...

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Tips to improve the profitability of your company

How you can improve the profitability of your company.

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Marketing strategies: ROI calculation and its effectiveness

ROI calculation and the effectiveness of marketing strategies have a high impact on the results of your commercial...

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Profitability: Marketing agencies

In this article, we reveal why marketing agencies do not know their true profitability and what they have to do to get...

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Integration of areas: What are you missing? 7 tips to get it

The integration of all the areas of your company is vital to achieving success. Look what you are missing and what you...

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The information flow and the internal communication of your company

Successful companies understand that allowing information flow inside of them enables workers to take possession of the...

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