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3 Key strategies to sell more in your authorized car dealer

Esto se puede lograr en 3 simples pasos. Acá te los contamos para que sepas cómo implementarlos para diseñar esta estrategia. Know your customers, know what they will need, and have the tools to sell...

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BPF - Business Process Framework (2)

Business Process Framework in your company.

It involves a change in the organizational model in which peopleprocesses, and technology are combined to achieve one common objective: the growth of the company.

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Grupo Konecta increases its productivity and efficiency.

(Video in Spanish) We started working on a process that lasted 60 days, with a weekly meeting, and a well-planned agenda to start talking about these problems and the challenges we faced.

After having successfully revised both processes, we divided ourselves into two main groups, [Commercial Bunker] and [Pricing Bunker] to implement it correctly.

The objective was to transform both processes into competitive advantages for the company.

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Konecta incrementa la productividad




The main challenge that triggers having several software in the cloud for the processes within an organization is that these systems communicate with each other.

Process automation is a reality, and in the fourth industrial revolution it can become a strength or a threat.


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