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How to configure dependencies on
May 5, 2022 11:46:00 AM1 min read

How to configure dependencies on

Properly combining the different functionalities offered by the tool, we can achieve it without problems. If you thought that was the only thing missing from this software... It's solved!

In the management of processes and, especially, of projects, it is common for the stages to be interdependent. This means that we cannot advance in a certain task until the immediately previous stage is fully finished.

To create this dependency between phases in our boards, we need to do the following steps:

Para crear esta dependencia entre fases en nuestros tableros de , tenemos que seguir los siguientes pasos:

  1. Board permissions: we must choose the option that only allows the person assigned to that activity to edit the content.
  2. Permissions per column: The person responsible for that particular stage of the process should be the only one with editing permissions to your Stage Status column.
  3. Automation: we added automation that allows us to re-assign the person responsible for a pulse when a state column is modified.

There you have it! Our dashboard now has the dependency between tasks that we were looking for.

Check out the explanatory video here:


This solution can help us in management-level boards, where the important thing is not to have the details of the tasks, but rather a general idea of the phase we are in. You may be wondering,

-Isn't there an easier way to do this?

-No, for now.

But luckily, the platform gets updates all the time. And some automations that are currently in beta suggest to us that we may have dependencies sooner than we think.


I hope you found this article entertaining and useful! If you want to learn much more about, we invite you to be part of the First Official Monday Event for LatAm.


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