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Personas. Procesos. Tecnología.

Creemos que los procesos claros, con el apoyo de la tecnología adecuada, generan un entorno donde las personas trabajan más felices, y en consecuencia vuelve a tu empresa más productiva.


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Improvement in tool use: Cree-n-Seguros

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Improvement in tool use: Cree-n-Seguros

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As we have already told you in other articles, we believe it is very important to send you the different cases of companies that decided to work with us and the benefits they obtained by doing so.

In this case, we want to tell you about: Cree-n-Seguros, a company from Mexico, that worked together with Drew to be able to train at an expert level and make better and greater use of the tool they use to manage their processes.

Without further ado, we leave you this interview with Javier Cisneros Cisneros, who owns Cree-n-Seguros:

javier cisneros
Javier Cisneros


Drew: Tell us a little, what do you do, what areas are there and how is the team made up?

Javier Cisneros:

Cree-n-seguros is a company that is dedicated to the intermediation of Insurance of all kinds. In order to do so, we base ourselves on 11 concepts: Family Protection, Life Health, Short-Term Retirement, Secure Inheritance, Major Medical Expenses, Modality 40, Financial Era, Systematized Savings, Investment, Total Education and Virtual House.

We have 3 areas: Commercial, Administrative and the last Human Resources, on which we use the same tool.


Drew: Could you tell us a little about the transition process that the company was going through?

Javier Cisneros:

When we decided to seek Drew's help, we already had prior knowledge, however it was empirical, and what we were looking for was more structured training that would help us get more out of the tool.


Drew: What was your main challenge? What barriers did they encounter?

Javier Cisneros:

We already had good use of, but we felt it could give us so much more, such as integrations, formulas, and a tracking dashboard that would give us more control.


Drew: In your opinion, what was the main value contribution you received from Drew?

Javier Cisneros:

Undoubtedly, from Drew they gave us their experience and dedication, as well as the advice and the time provided for it, allowing us to develop all the capacities.


Drew: How would you describe the work experience? How would you describe Drew?

Javier Cisneros:

The work experience with Drew was excellent and the disposition, incredible. If I had to describe Drew in one sentence I would say: “Excellent customer service”


Drew: What could you say about the results?

Javier Cisneros:

After finishing the training we were able to resolve many of the barriers that had been presented to us. We are currently working on improving the processes; undoubtedly, I will continue to rely on Drew to improve my boards.


Drew: If you had to advise a company that is analyzing working on a project with Drew, what would you say?

Javier Cisneros:

That approaching Drew is very worthy since they can help you advance, not only in the use of a tool, but also save a lot of money.

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