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Historias remarcables, entre fracasos y éxitos, sobre ejemplos de empresas de diferentes sectores, tamaños y países; para aprender, conocer e informarse.


Actualidad, eventos relevantes y desarrollos significativos en diversas áreas, reflejando la realidad de distintos contextos, brindando perspectivas enriquecedoras para estar al día.
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Personas. Procesos. Tecnología.

Creemos que los procesos claros, con el apoyo de la tecnología adecuada, generan un entorno donde las personas trabajan más felices, y en consecuencia vuelve a tu empresa más productiva.


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Reengineering of the project management process: BizPro

Caso de éxito

Reengineering of the project management process: BizPro

 Knowledge to make better use of the tool.




Once again we want to tell you about one of the companies that decided to work with us to solve different problems that arise.

This is the case of the Mexican company BizPro, recognized leader by independent analysts in the areas of architecture, business process oriented (BPOA), operational, enterprise architecture (EA) and system technologies.

Without further ado, we leave you with this interview with the work team designated by BizPro.




Drew: Tell us a little, what do you do, what areas are there and how is the team made up?


BizPro is an international company of Mexican origin and capital that has specialists with more than 25 years of experience in the market. It emerges as a response to the needs of the Mexican industry for automation and monitoring of its processes; in addition, advice for the implementation of systems and the necessary products to achieve it.

BizPro integrates and relates business to business processes and the people who carry them out.

Drew: Could you tell us a little about the transition process the company was going through?


BizPro was reengineering the project management process, so it was looking for a way to implement its governance model in a single platform, which will facilitate project monitoring and communication with its collaborators.

In turn, there was a basic knowledge of the platform used, so Drew's support was sought to acquire an advanced level in the implementation of the governance model and better use of the tool.

Drew: What was your main challenge?


Incorporation and adaptation of the areas of the company to work on a single and standard model for the management of internal and external BizPro projects.

Drew: What barriers did you encounter?


    • Acceptance of the project governance model
    • Resistance to change
    • Adaptation to the new collaboration tool

Drew: In your opinion, what was the main valuable contribution you received from Drew?


Advanced training in the use of the platform and support in adapting the project model to it.

Drew: How would you describe the work experience?


It was a professional, friendly and enriching work experience, the knowledge acquired allowed us to consolidate our project governance model, and to have the skills for continuous improvement. We thank Drew for their support and advice.

Drew: What could you say about the results?


The implementation of our project model has been successful and we are currently working on continuous improvement.

Drew: If you had to advise a company that is analyzing working on a project with Drew, what would you say?


That working with Drew will allow them to acquire the knowledge to make better use of the tool. You will find with them the support for the successful implementation of your processes.


Sede central Mexico
Tamaño de la empresa 51-200 employees
Industria Business management consulting
Año de fundación 2005
Objetivo del proyecto It works on a unique and standard model for the management of internal and external projects.
Duración del proyecto 3 Months