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Management of indicators: Escucha y vive

Caso de éxito

Management of indicators: Escucha y vive

Grow more orderly and detect the right moment to improve tasks




This is the success story of Escucha y vive, a company specialized in helping people adjust to hearing aids; it worked with Drew to deal with the management of the company's indicators. 


Escucha y vive is a Mexican company belonging to the healthcare sector. Its CEO, Alfredo Priante, contacted us to carry out a project together to organize the company so that their processes could work correctly. 

Below, Alfredo tells us about his experience working with Drew. 


Initial situation

When Escucha y vive turned to Drew, they had disorganized processes: information wasn't shared efficiently and fluently; this caused a lot of problems and lack of productivity in the company. At the same time, employees couldn't follow results up effectively; they used software tools, such as ERP and CRM, but each one worked independently from the other, which created silos within the company. 

After trying to solve these problems on their own and unable to achieve the expected results, Alfredo contacted Drew's team to find a solution to these challenges. 


How we helped them

In our first meeting, we assessed the different software tools the company was using at that time. The first step was trying to understand how they worked and the areas for improvement we had to work on. 

After that, and taking into account the results of the analysis, Drew presented a proposal to start working together. The first thing we did was implementing a cloud-based management software tool in which all the processes that were carried out with other tools were integrated.   

The established goals were:

  • Gathering all the information from the most important KPIs of the company in graphics easy to access and understand. 
  • Managing the work of the strategic areas (directors, managers, etc.) with a collaborative system that allowed them complete the planned tasks. 
  • Making every process visible to monitor them correctly in just one platform. 
  • Being able to audit the quality of the provided service.
  • Facilitating the management of permission, authorizations, proposals for improvement, patients' complaints and a system for assessing the performance of employees. 


The project was carried out in 6 months; during this time, we had a weekly meeting in which we organized what we needed to do.  



After carrying out this project together with Escucha y vive, we achieved the following: 

  • Centralization of processes in one software tool. 
  • More fluent communication: email use was reduced almost completely; information is gathered by using different forms. 
  • We established KPIs for the whole company, which were managed from the same platform. In other words, the information was in just one place now; this made it easier to access it and monitor it. They were also able to base strategic decisions on this information.  

    What we achieved will allow the company to grow more orderly by doing an efficient follow-up of their processes and detecting the right time to correct or improve tasks or processes.
Sede central Mexico
Tamaño de la empresa 23 employees
Industria health
Año de fundación 2014
Objetivo del proyecto Implement a collaborative work system across all areas
Duración del proyecto 6 Months