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Implementation of CRM and improvement in the commercial area: Printbarato

Caso de éxito

Implementation of CRM and improvement in the commercial area: Printbarato

How metrics help increase sales.



This is the success story of Printbarato, a company dedicated to offset, digital, and graphic design printing, which worked with Drew on improving their business process to increase sales.


The Dominican company Printbarato, belonging to the graphic industry, contacted us to start a project aimed at increasing the company's sales.

Next, CEO Lesly Lafond tells us about his experience working with Drew.


Initial situation

Printbarato is a company from the Dominican Republic dedicated to offset, digital and graphic design printing, with expectations of strong growth in the coming years.

When the company came to us, it had a weak and poorly coordinated software infrastructure. On the other hand, they did not use a CRM that provides them with customer data, nor traceability of the status of orders and projects. This meant that they did not have the necessary information to make decisions based on accurate, real-time data and about their work. As for the production process, the processes were not clearly defined, so it was developed with many unforeseen events.


How we helped

After an thorough analysis of the company and its processes, an action plan was designed to achieve the proposed objectives. Through weekly meetings between the Printbarato and Drew teams, the key work to be carried out was coordinated, which lasted 6 months. Below, you'll find the main objectives that were defined:

  • Increasing sales via the web of projects with design, which attract highly profitable clients.
  • Establishing management metrics.
  • Making production more efficient.
  • Mapping critical processes and, if necessary, redesigning them.



After a great teamwork together with Printbarato we achieved:

  • Implementing a CRM
  • Defining management metrics for the commercial area.
This allows the company to have information that they did not previously have, to be able to make strategic decisions about their business, as well as to carry out highly segmented marketing campaigns and diversify their product portfolio.
Sede central Dominican Republic
Tamaño de la empresa 15 employees
Industria Printing and Graphics
Año de fundación 2007
Objetivo del proyecto Increase sales and improve profitability
Duración del proyecto 6 month