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Collaboration tools: benefits and key features
Jul 3, 2022 1:26:00 PM4 min read

Collaboration tools: benefits and key features

Today, teams are often not located in one place, they are distributed geographically, which can be a challenge for companies. According to some surveys conducted, about 53% of companies worldwide have adopted collaboration tools since 2016, and in 2020, it is still growing.

The word "collaboration" defines teamwork and effort to improve the testing process. Therefore, collaboration software helps to achieve goals, meet deadlines and reduce the time spent on each task by simplifying the entire process. This type of tool is used in several small and medium-sized companies as it bridges the communication gap between teams and even provides synchronization between departments. The main focus of collaboration software is to improve communication, sharing, cooperation, problem-solving, and streamlining of the various activities that are performed.

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Why should you use collaboration software?

Companies are hiring the best talent even if they are present in a remote location, freelancers and part-time employees are also being hired to get the best of the talent. This forces companies to adopt collaboration tools at the organizational level.

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The benefits of collaboration software

  • You can assign tasks and work schedules to different members easily.
  • You can see the work details of your employees.
  • You can use messaging services for an instant connection.
  • It saves time.
  • Cloud-based tools are accessible from anywhere.
  • It improves team efficiency and productivity.
  • It reduces the complexity of tasks and processes.
  • It facilitates adaptation to new technologies and solutions.

Planning to opt for collaboration software is a critical business decision that takes a lot of time and effort. It is feasible to verify that the tool has some essential features. The tool must be scalable to adapt to future needs and requirements.


Critical factors for preselecting a tool

Requirements: Many collaboration tools provide solutions to many management challenges that teams face. However, it is essential to verify them against business requirements before starting to use a collaborative environment. A test management tool can help you maintain the quality and output of your application software. Ask yourself:

  • What does this software do?
  • Is it cloud-based or in-house?
  • How safe is it?
  • How do you solve existing problems?

Features: The software should have all the necessary and new features that you may need to use that product effectively. That is, the tool must be intuitive, responsive, and easy to use. The team should find it easy to get practical experience quickly. If the trial version is available for the product, you should check its features during the trial itself. It would be helpful if you consider customer feedback from industry experts as well.

Value for money: Investing in a tool is an important decision, so it must be value for money. The tool is used to improve the productivity and performance of teams. The investment must sound reasonable and advantageous to the entire company.

Support center: You may face some challenges when using a tool that requires strong support services to quickly resolve your queries and issues encountered while using the collaboration tool. It should have regular updates and upgrades to make it better over time.



Essential features to select the best collaboration software.

The industry has a variety of collaboration tools available on the market to help you get more work done in less time. You should check the list of features that must be present in the tool to deliver the expected results.

Project management: Successful project delivery is teamwork; managing them takes a lot of effort and time. As even the smallest teams are difficult to manage, a tool should help update the work done by the team. It should allow you to track changes, and give you a list of pending actions and how many were completed.

Annotation: The collaboration tool should offer annotation benefits where a tool can help you edit a document in real-time. It also improves collaboration and allows you to fully collaborate.

Seamless chat: A team would expect the software to help it collaborate with teams around the world. So the software you choose should allow you to share notes, messages, files, and status updates. If it allows you to "chat" in real-time, it becomes an ideal collaboration tool. The communication gap between teams will be closed.

Video sharing: The tool should allow you to use various video-sharing tools like Zoom for example. It is always good to use video calls to connect with your customers or colleagues. It improves understanding and offers a real insight into the capabilities of the tool. A video-sharing feature is a must in today's world, where people connect via video call.

Easy implementation: The collaboration tool should be easy to implement and use for the entire team. It must contribute to the general progress of the company. It takes a lot to use a tool and assimilate it into the company culture. You must engage and harness the potential of the best hires around the world by providing a great collaboration tool.





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