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Buyer Persona: Attract the customers you are interested in
Nov 1, 2021 2:12:02 PM2 min read

Buyer Persona: Attract the customers you are interested in

Calling somebody's attention is not easy, especially the attention of the people who make decisions; however, it's the only way to have productive conversations. Have you ever felt that you talk to people who are not really interested in your products? And, you may think: "I don't have good potential customers" but, actually, the problem is not that; the problem is what you say, who you say it to, how you say it and when you say it. 

As we already know, time is precious because we don't get it back. Then, why should you waste time with people who are not going to buy your products? If we told you there's a way of prioritizing your phone calls and contacts that will help you be more productive and increase the sales closure percentage, would you be interested? (we're sure you would if you wanted to sell more and better).

It's all about interests 

If we talked about something you're interested in, you'll listen to us; but if we talked about you're not, you'll listen to us for 5 seconds and, then, forget about what we're saying. 

It's obvious, isn't it? But, sometimes, it's not. Companies still send messages such as "Buy my product", "We're the best in the market", "Just for $", etc. If you still talk to your customers using these phrases, you'll only attract a part of the market; which one? those people who already know what they need, when and how, and the people that are looking for the best price. However, what about those who don't know that your product is what they need?


Previous process

Even before the time of the transaction comes (the purchase), there's a previous process that nobody's appreciating: market education. If you have customers that want to buy one of your products/services, but you know they aren't ready to buy something from your company, do you sell it to them? 90% of people would say yes, but we don't. Why? Because it's not productive since people will buy the product, you'll get customers and make money but, when they realize it wasn't what they needed, they will ask for a refund and won't buy anything from your company again (and, of course, they won't recommend it either). 



Let's imagine you have a business consulting company, your potential customers are not only executive managers, partners, CEOs, etc., but they're also sales managers, production managers, etc.

Therefore, the profiles of your buyer personas should be:

  • CEO/Managers/Executives.
  • Sales managers.
  • Production managers.
  • Human Resources managers.

But that's not it. Now, you have to create a semi-fictional representation of them with the following information: 

  • Name
  • Position
  • Goals
  • Approximate annual income
  • Challenges
  • Positive comments about their industry
  • Negative comments about their industry
  • Complaints that it usually gets
  • A message you'd give to the Marketing area
  • A message you'd give about the sales process

Once you have done this, you start creating content focusing on the interests, challenges, goals, and contexts of these profiles. 

This way, don't you think you can attract those customers that will definitely buy something from you?



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