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Save time and resources: how you can unite your company with its processes
Sep 15, 2021 5:29:13 PM3 min read

Save time and resources: Uniting your company with its processes

All companies work with processes that interact with all the areas to reach their goals. 

Well-elaborated processes in a company lead to specific benefits, such as better use of resources, anticipating possible problems, or solving them when they come up. At the same time, they favor productivity and the quality of the services that companies provide, contributing to business profitability. 

Sometimes, it is possible that processes aren't aligned with the company's goals, either because they were misunderstood or because the company itself was not able to define them clearly and efficiently; so, a sort of gap between what the company wants and the processes it carries out. 

When this happens, you should know that it's not possible for the company to do one thing and for processes to do another, because if they are not aligned, they will get nowhere. So, what can you do?


Unite the company with its processes: breaking down barriers

Uniting a company with its processes contributes to helping all areas to achieve better communication and increase productivity; therefore, a company that works in the same management direction will be more profitable and better positioned. 

Apart from making your company more productive, customer service will be more satisfactory because customers will get exactly what they expect in a product or service. However, achieving strategic goals is not an easy task because you need all the areas of your company to work together to guarantee real improvements to save time and resources. 

There are different problems that can make it difficult for you to execute processes properly, and that can also damage directly or indirectly the structure of the company, even though some may not be so apparent. Some of these common problems can delay the rest of the operations and cause troubles in resource planning and established deadlines if they pile up. 


Cause-effect diagram

One of the main problems that make it difficult for companies to unite them with the processes is the risky situations that can stop operations. As regards this, it is convenient to identify them and see if they can be easily erased or if they can be dealt with with a less risky perspective for both the company and the team. 

We should not forget about the customer-product relationship, so it's important to improve processes to be able to define customer touchpoints to save waiting time and avoid customers changing their preference for the service that the company offers. This way, we will also add this activity to the list to be carried out as soon as possible.  

Now we have already identified the problems, their causes and their foreseeable consequences, we need to plan meetings in every area with the aim of discussing possible solutions for each case. These solutions will have to explain the cause/s that brought about these problems. 

Next, what's following is to put into practice the ideas that each area proposed as possible solutions and check their results which should be positive or better than those obtained before the process review. Otherwise, you will call for a new team meeting to continue reviewing the activities that are causing trouble or indefinite postponement.  

Overcoming the difficulties that are caused by poorly designed activities will allow you to focus on the goals you want to reach, those defined by your company's objectives. But only by joining these goals with strategic process planning will you get the best commercial results. 

In conclusion, when you are able to define the processes in your company, they will go hand in hand with the goals you established; you will increase productivity by saving time and money and your commercial proposal will be more competitive and attractive for your customers. 



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