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The million-dollar question… How to decorate a modern office to inspire creativity and enthusiasm?

Do you have no idea? That is why today we show you 8 of the most creative and inspiring offices in the world in our opinion. In this collection, we bring together those companies/offices that are characterized by breaking the traditional decoration scheme and have turned their offices into true spaces of inspiration for each of their collaborators.

To generate that creative space that we are looking for so much, you can start with white as a base. Many sensations and modernity in abundance. You can also complete the design with robust wood and take care of even the smallest detail; lamps, clock, lighting…etc. The key, according to experts, is to keep open spaces, few walls, and lots of light in a layout that is more like a shop or a "bar" than an office.

If you are one of those who like the color on the walls, video games, and sunbathing outdoors during your working day, you would surely like to have and enjoy one of these inspiring offices that offer much more than a simple desk and a schedule from 9 to 5. Many of them motivate employees with varied activities and completely different spaces that help be creative, thus improving the productivity and satisfaction of those who work there daily.

We leave you with this excellent collection of workspaces that will surely make you see the walls of your office and reflect on the decoration.

Cartoon Network





















Red Bull



Inspired? Now it's your turn to turn your workspace into a creative and inspiring place.

Can you tell us what your office is like?


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