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7 strategic solutions to improve the productivity of your company
Apr 29, 2022 4:49:00 PM4 min read

7 strategic solutions to improve the productivity of your company

Companies are not static entities, so they are subject to constant changes to always be at the forefront of the latest technologies and innovations of a strategic nature. As a result, teams must be productive to ensure that all company objectives are met in the shortest possible time.

However, this often does not happen and the activities carried out by the employees are insufficient, mediocre and the deadlines stipulated by the company's management are rarely met. It ends up falling into the automatism of tasks without motivation and pursuing a diffuse strategic objective for the team.

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If you are worried that your team is losing productivity and you want to reverse the process, in this article we will tell you how you can avoid falling into these risk factors for the productivity of your company, and at the same time, we will suggest some possible alternatives that you can implement to promote a harmonious and collaborative work environment.

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1. Project your company into the future.

As a general rule, no company is static over time, nor is anything. A company that always follows the same guideline, without nuances of innovation, new objectives, or challenges, is doomed to failure. Instead, it is in the big bets that talent and inventiveness around the business are measured.

To adapt your company to the new requirements of the virtual world, you need to make technology a useful instrument to shorten distances with customers, bearing in mind that you will not have direct contact with most of them. The same can happen with a collaborator who operates remotely.

Modernizing does not only imply acquiring new technologies, it also includes an idealized vision of the company in the future. This means increasing the ability to adapt to change and remain current over time.

If you are attracted to technology and constantly innovating, this proposal will allow you to exploit your talent and creativity. The limit is only set by you. If, on the other hand, you are rather conservative, we suggest you reconsider the current organization model that your company follows to give greater dynamism to the processes that are generated in it.

The use and learning of a new structural scheme will facilitate numerous activities in any team, which were previously repetitive and monotonous, saving time and productivity in essential tasks for the development of the company.


2. Business Innovation.

To be up to date with the times and face the traps of the competition, it is best to make a business model, considering innovative alternatives that improve the management of your company.

Part of life as well as business is to reinvent yourself, so you will obtain important benefits if you bet on ideas of renewal concerning the outdated concepts of the "establishment" of marketing. The functional objective of this logic is to adapt to the structural changes of society to remain in time.


3. Improve productivity by training the staff.

Many times the performance of the staff is insufficient because they are not trained to carry out the tasks in a more practical, fast and efficient way. Consequently, the operator wastes time on the job, possibly using twice the effort that he would use if he used a methodology that involved technology or a virtual platform. And not only time but productivity is lost, and any company loses capital if their team is not productive.


4. Manage time better.

Sometimes, it is simply a matter of organizing the processes that are carried out in a company and learning to prioritize the most important and immediate activities over those that can be postponed. The problem arises when time is wasted working on tasks that do not increase productivity but, on the contrary, slow it down. In this case, workers are easily discouraged, producing more expenses than income for the company.


5. Enter new markets.

A company interested in expanding into new markets can broaden its business and also the vision of its team who, by understanding the importance of the new expansion objectives, will be infected by their expectations and motivations, becoming more productive and profitable for the purposes that the company proposes.


6. Labor flexibility.

An alternative that can help reduce the pressure, stress, and boredom of employees is to make their working hours more flexible, reducing it to days of less than 8 hours. Likewise, within this flexibility, the permanent implementation of teleworking or "home office" is included, apart from the virtual modality assumed during the time of the pandemic, teleworking is beginning to position itself as one more work option, freeing up to the workers of their dependency to the companies at a physical level.


7. Improves communication and teamwork.

Much of the time wasted at work occurs due to miscommunication. Therefore, it is important to be able to foster a pleasant work environment based on the effective use of communication aimed at motivating the team. In this sense, employees motivated to carry out their tasks are more productive and perform better for the company, since by generating a feeling of belonging and usefulness, the responses of employees are much more positive and participatory.

Improving the productivity of your company is not an easy task, but by implementing these solutions according to the needs of each area, you will see favorable results in less time than you expected.





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