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5 problems between marketing and sales that prevent increasing revenue
Feb 2, 2022 12:41:29 PM6 min read

5 problems between marketing and sales that prevent increasing revenue

Within any company with a broad structure, the Marketing department and the Sales department are two key elements for the success of the company. The problem lies when these two areas don't have adequate communication and other issues since they cause problems that can change the future of the company. Read more and you will be surprised...

Although they are two different departments, the activities carried out by each one are excellent feedback for others. But, as it is known, sometimes that relationship does not exist and Sales and Marketing are at constant war. And that's where the cross accusations begin: "Marketing people are irrelevant, superficial, theoretical", "Salespeople are mediocre, incompetent and lazy", "Marketing does not generate quality contacts", "Sales representatives sit idly by", “Sales does not follow up on the contact once it is generated”, and so we can continue all day. If they continue like this, the only thing you will achieve in your company is a battle and no sales.

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To understand why this happens, we are going to analyze the 5 most common problems between the marketing and sales department and what is the solution to solve the problems between marketing and sales and reach peace.


Speaking people understand. The lack of communication and feedback between the marketing and sales departments. 

To understand the importance of communication between both departments, imagine for a moment that they have an emotional relationship. As in couple relationships, talking about things is a key element for them to enjoy success and last over time. Fluid communication between the marketing and sales departments is always a MUST. The two are part of the same whole and need to know not only what the other does, but also what it thinks of their actions.

Here is a clear example: from the sales area, employees can know such important things as the fact that the brand is less recognized in a part of the territory, where it happens to be much more difficult for them to sell. This type of information can lead marketing to launch a segmented branding campaign in that part of the territory. And vice versa! From the marketing area, they can provide valuable information to the members of the sales team such as the different targets identified, which can help them narrow down their search for new customers and be more efficient.

In summary: the important words to prevent the other department from keeping your results as an important part and stop turning them into nothing are fluid communication and constructive feedback.


The irreconcilable differences: radically different and separate objectives of the marketing and sales departments.

Let's see it again as a love relationship: if your goal in life is to live in different regions of the planet and your partner hates change and travel, sooner or later they will end up having problems. However, if your differences are simply that one prefers winter and the other spring, they won't lead to serious conflict, will they? Well, the same thing happens with the marketing department and the sales department. As they are different disciplines, the objectives of the marketing department and those of the sales department will be different, but they should not be so radically discordant that they cannot understand each other.

Do you want to avoid a divorce between the two without giving up on each one achieving their individual goals? A good practice is to create a series of common objectives for both departments that ensure that the two are aligned and encourage collaboration.


All for one... Lack of collaboration toward common goals of the marketing and the sales departments. 

Can't you think of common goals for both departments? If you think about it carefully, the marketing and sales departments share a common goal essential to the company: revenue. One way or another, both of them have to work hard to increase the profits of the company, which implies the collaboration of both parties.

Do you remember the classic game of pulling the rope to get the handkerchief to your field? Well, this would be more or less the same. The scarf represents revenue and on the other side of the rope are your competitors. If marketing pulls only the rope, the efforts will have to be greater, but if the sales area pulls a cable and both fight for the same goal, they will be able to bring the handkerchief more easily and effectively to their field.


The bad man in the movie. The bad practices of the sales department.

Let's admit it. Sometimes bad practices are carried out by the sales department that gets customers in the short term but leads to catastrophic dissatisfaction in the medium/long term. No. We are not talking about illegal techniques, since that is another topic, but about more subtle but equally problematic actions.

Put yourself for a moment in the shoes of the customer and imagine your reaction when the sales department gives you expectations of the product that you are going to acquire slightly above its real value or when they are not transparent with prices, or other issues that lead to misunderstandings. How would you feel? Would you vent your discontent with others? Whether you did it through word of mouth or commented on social media, the damage to the business in question would be devastating.

Now, look at the situation from the shoes of the marketing department: would your efforts to defend the company's reputation, improve its image and increase its recognition work? Of course not: the sales department should  (yes) but not based on bad practices.


Villain vs. villain: bad practices by the marketing department

If you work in the sales area, surely you are remembering something bad marketing did in a campaign. We know that there are more bad guys in this movie than the sales department (the marketing department has theirs too). Dear marketing, not everything is branding and reputation, you need a clear strategy to attract and capture customers. (You can access our blog to learn about Inbound Marketing and other effective practices).

But now let's get back to the topic: remember that measuring the return on investment, the famous ROI, and analyzing the sales data in your campaigns is essential for making decisions based on what brings better results, as well as for defining your campaigns. And not only that! Always keep in mind what you sell and keep the expectations of your campaigns at that level.

Remember that illusions are in vain and you do not want to break the spell on your customers, but to amaze them so that they always come back and want more. So, marketing department, fly but always with your feet close to the ground.

As you can see, these and other problems can mean that your company is losing opportunities and money every day. Are you convinced that your marketing and sales strategy is correct? Do you have any doubts?

Smarketing is the solution to put a blanket of calm in this stormy relationship between Marketing and Sales. Learning to work as a team, creating a solid and lasting relationship between the two areas, establishing common goals, improving communication, among other things, are some of the key elements of Smarketing.



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