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Process optimization and digitization: Edelkenie

Caso de éxito

Process optimization and digitization: Edelkenie

Teamwork allows us to perform the digitization and automation of processes




This is the success story of Edelkenie, a Peruvian company that provides electrical engineering solutions, in which we work on process optimization and digitization.

In June 2020 we began to work together with Edelkenie in the optimization of all its processes, both commercial, operational, and post-sale.

Next, you will see what the results were, told by the Director of the company himself, Kenny Vasquez.

Initial situation

Edelkenie is a Peruvian company that develops custom electrical engineering projects and services. Its work team is made up of 42 people, of which 20 belong to the area of operations.

In 2018 they obtained the certification of ISO 9001 standards. However, the challenge they were facing was to be able to renew this certification, since there it was not implemented orderly.

At the time of starting to work together, the company was in the process of growth, so it needed to formalize internal processes and increase its operating capacity. Regarding internal communication, it was carried out informally, as there was no digital documentation system, nor in the cloud, so digitizing its assets was the first instance to start ordering, since this manual management implies a great investment of time and effort in merely operational tasks, which do not add final value to the client.


How we helped

In a first instance, we talked with the company to detect what were the specific challenges and problems that we were going to face, and detect opportunities for improvement. This was done through regular meetings in which an exhaustive analysis of Edelkenie's internal processes was carried out and the work objectives were defined.

The main objective was to improve the efficiency of the processes and digitize all the tasks and information that had been managed manually, which would in turn allow for the necessary documentation to renew the ISO 9001 certification.

To ensure compliance with the objectives, the Edelkenie team was trained and accompanied during the implementation stage of the solution.



After a great teamwork together with Edelkenie we achieved:

  1. Digitize and automate different processes through work boards in real time thanks to the implementation of
  2. Develop a system that allows linking the different processes.
  3. Digitize all the information and documentation they had in paper.
  4. Automate the workflow that used to be done manually.
  5. Obtain information on each process in real time, which in turn is automatically filed in the tool.
  6. Improve efficiency and work times.
  7. Facilitate the follow-up of the documentation required for ISO 9001 certification.
  8. Formalize the internal communication of the company, which facilitates not only the coordination of tasks but also their control and monitoring.
Sede central Lima
Tamaño de la empresa 42 employees
Industria Manufacture of household appliances, electrical and electronic equipment
Año de fundación 2003
Objetivo del proyecto Optimization and efficiency of the project management system and formalization of internal and external communication
Duración del proyecto 4 month