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Improvement of commercial and pricing processes: Grupo Konecta

Caso de éxito

Improvement of commercial and pricing processes: Grupo Konecta

Technological solutions working for Konecta Group




In June 2019, we began a 60-day process with Grupo Konecta in order to improve both their commercial and pricing processes. 

Initial situation

The commercial team was going through a restructuring and, before June 2019, each commercial officer was working independently with endless spreadsheets that simulated to be a CRM. Each employee had several files for this process, a global spreadsheet for the clients' portfolio, and another one per customer where they wrote down the commercial process they completed.

At the end of the month, they got together to prepare a report in order to know the stage they were on and which customers needed more attention than others. These meetings were scattered because the challenge they faced was to elaborate a global report with the actions of the whole area. 

Among the most important problems we found in the process were:

  1. Lack of tracking of sale opportunities.
  2. High probability of human error. 
  3. Little connection among people.
  4. Duplication of information.
  5. Manual commercial actions. 
  6. Reactive decision-making since they did not have real-time information.

How we helped

We started to work in a 60-day process, with a quick weekly meeting, with a well-planned schedule in order to talk about these problems and the challenges we faced. 

After we studied both processes thoroughly, we divided ourselves into two main groups: [Commercial bunker] and [Pricing bunker] in order we can implement them correctly. 

Our goal was to transform both processes into competitive advantages for the company.



After weekly consulting meetings of no more than 2 hours, and having our goal in mind, we were able to implement two technological solutions that work for Grupo Konecta, and not the other way around. 

We implemented the use of HubSpot in the commercial process, with real-time dashboards, and for the pricing process; but that was not it. We integrated both software tools to connect both areas and processes since one depends on the other; This way, the team we created could achieve:

  1. Smart, automatic, and detailed commercial daily follow-up.
  2. Almost no human error.
  3. The same information for everybody.
  4. Elimination of duplicated tasks. 
  5. Real-time foreknowledge of the end of processes.
  6. Commercial actions in one place.
  7. 100% online process: both at the office and on the mobile phone of each person involved in it.

As for the pricing process, the results we got were:

  1. Follow-up of every opportunity in a smart, centralized, and organized way. 
  2. Meetings, e-mails, calls, and everything that did not add value were eliminated.
  3. Meeting deadlines and precise knowledge of the stage of each opportunity.
Sede central Madrid, Spain
Tamaño de la empresa 15766 employees
Industria Advice on outsourcing and offshoring
Año de fundación
Objetivo del proyecto Improve business and pricing processes.
Duración del proyecto 2 Months