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Improved customer service process | Laboratorios Turner

Caso de éxito

Improved customer service process | Laboratorios Turner

From vision to victory: achieving a successful digital transformation. 



This is the success story of Laboratorios Turner, a health company based in Rosario, Argentina, dedicated to performing biochemical analyses. It was founded in 1964 and today, it has more than 120 employees, making it a constantly growing company. It has a presence within the city in 5 areas, and the customer service team has grown tremendously in the last two years.

Laboratorios Turner turned to Drew to improve the service team's communication process with the external customer.

Next, Mariana Varela, who is in charge of the human resources area, tells us about her experience working with Drew.



Initial situation.

Laboratorios Turner is a clinical analysis-oriented healthcare organization that, as it achieved remarkable growth in recent years, realized that expansion, while providing it with a broader customer base and notable recognition in the city, on the other hand, began to generate problems in terms of communication with its customers which had to be resolved urgently.

As this area had grown quite a bit in the last two years, the company realized that they were obtaining a high demand strongly centralized, so they needed to carry out, in the first place, a review of all the processes to live up to customers' expectations. This need motivated the initiative to implement a software tool so that the customer service team could increase efficiency in communication with external customers.

After several meetings in which we interacted with the company to learn about its current situation, through a survey and diagnosis, we found that they needed to improve their customer service processes, from initial mapping to their implementation in an appropriate technological tool.

The experience that Laboratorios Turner had with Drew was very satisfactory, because not only did the implementation of the tool allow them to automate all the work, but it also made it easier and more dynamic to be able to evaluate and measure team performance, as well as customer satisfaction. 

In the review that we carried out of the entire process, we can affirm that today, they have a much more efficient process, complemented by the tool they have acquired.


How did we help?

At Drew, we decided to work the first month, in which we had about 2 weekly meetings of an hour and a half each, in which the area manager and the software implementation training assistant participated, which would allow them to be able to manage with more efficiency the challenges of the customer service area. Being a company in the health sector, it has outsourced the commitment to accompany society every day of the week by providing a personalized solution for each need.

As Mariana said, the tool was very easy to implement thanks to the support received from Drew, so the team adapted properly to this new change. The staff found a dynamic, safe, efficient, and easy-to-learn system; in addition, Drew's team was always answering the questions that arose, apart from the agreed meetings. If any concerns arose, we were there to clarify them.



After the time contemplated designing our value proposition and working together with Laboratorios Turner, we managed to achieve the objectives that we set at the beginning.

The transition between the current situation and the results achieved was satisfactory, as was the joint work experience between Drew and Laboratorios Turner. It was possible to decentralize communication with customers, which was very important for the laboratory.

Adding value to the work carried out made Laboratorios Turner continue rethinking new challenges to understand that any company and person that works with digital tools can obtain similarly positive results. Thanks to this advantage, the team can now carry out the task with interactions from the office or at home. Consolidating itself as a company linked to health that must be present 24 hours a day, 365 days a day, allows it to acquire that flexibility through digitization, and in times of high demand, to be able to rise to the occasion, so that we are very satisfied with everything that Drew gave us at Laboratorios Turner.


“The team is very professional, it is at your service continuously. It is a trained team that is committed to these changes and I recommend them, not only for health companies but for any type of organization that wants to face new challenges and continue growing.”

(Mariana Varela - In charge of the customer service)



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Sede central Rosario, Argentina
Tamaño de la empresa more than 120 employees
Industria health and clinical analysis
Año de fundación 1964
Objetivo del proyecto Improve the customer service communication process.
Duración del proyecto 3 months