The war between Sales and Marketing: why should they work together?


Since different functional areas started to emerge in companies, the areas of Sales and Marketing have been fighting over leadership and responsibility when it comes to closing businesses.

Instead of combining their efforts (as suggested by the implementation of Smarketing), many companies still have these two areas fighting over which is more important. 


We designed this ebook to end this unjustifiable rivalry between these areas; in it, we explain the main problems that companies have because of this confrontation; you'll also see a complete checklist to find real solutions to this problem. 


As regards this, we can divide this ebook into two parts; the first part focuses on identifying the problems that could arise between the areas of sales and marketing and the prejudice against each other. Then, the second part gives advice and possible solutions to minimize the conflict between these two teams so that they can work together and achieve the established commercial goals.  


The main problems between these areas are: ROI reports, which area deserves the credit for closing sales successfully?; lead qualification, which area should decide what leads are a good option?; and lead nurturing, which area should nurture leads to be later qualified?


Finally, the checklist of this ebook has the objective to alleviate the differences between sales and marketing, making these teams work together to achieve their common goals; at the same time, they will share operative tools for managing customers, such as a CRM, and integration software tools to organize different workflows from one platform. 


The first step is reducing the differences between the areas of marketing and sales. Then, you need to align their processes and, lastly, you have to transform the process improvement you've implemented into true business strategic smarketing. 


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