What do we do at Drew?

A document that expresses our vision, mission and values; what, how and why we do what we do.


In our brochure, we tell you about our way of working, the goals we want to achieve, the assistance we provide to our customers to help companies grow and improve their processes.

We are a company focused on developing solutions to add value to other companies. Our main goal is to achieve the connection between two worlds: technology and business, so that technology works for people and no the other way around.


Our vision is to transform the way in which companies work, having in mind that human capital is the most important asset. That is why we want to achieve a collaborative working model and transparent communication among teams.


As our mission states, we prioritize people above everything else. We know the importance of providing employees with the necessary tools and motivation so that they work happier and are able to share their leadership.


At the same time, we have established alliances with different strategic partners. Our partners are Word Class Software companies whose technology allows us to help other companies if they need us, to improve how they do things. Some of them are: monday.com, Freshworks, Scoro, Google, Survey Sparrow, WebEngage, Aircall, Databox, and HubSpot. 


We try to improve the way in which companies do what they do; many times, it is convenient to integrate technology into their processes, but this is not always the case.


In Drew, we carry out an analysis of the status of the company, which is the best solution in their way to achieving continuous improvement. The aim is to help companies to be more productive and efficient; Therefore, to help them be more scalable, profitable and competitive.



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