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Important: Know the stages of the consumer
Apr 30, 2022 2:57:00 PM3 min read

Important: Know the stages of the consumer

You have customers. You care about each of their problems and offer them solutions. They will be happy customers; however, if this is not recurring, that is, you sell them something once and you do not offer them alternative solutions or ideas so that their sales or exposure increase, customers will most likely not return.

For this, it is essential to know the 4 stages that each potential consumer goes through before becoming a client. Famously called Buyer´s Journey.

Having this process as clear as possible increases the percentage of closed sales that you can achieve.

These 4 purchase phases (consumer stages) are:

  • Discovery of a need.
  • Purchase consideration.
  • Purchase decision.
  • Evaluation of your purchase.


1. Discovery of a need.

At this stage, potential buyers begin to notice that they have a need and that some companies can satisfy it. Although, your company may not be listed in their minds at the moment.

Here begins your task to show what you do, how you do it, and why you would be a good option among their possible solutions to their need.

Your website should focus on your customer's needs, not just your products and what you sell. This brings your company closer to the potential client, to provide different advice.

At this time, customers investigate and download material to find out what their need is and to explain it in the best possible way. As you progress in your research, you will rule out or add potential providers to your initial list.


2. Purchase consideration.

Once buyers have narrowed down their options to just a few companies, they will refine their research. 70% of them return to Google at least 2-3 times during their research to search for offers that help them solve their specific needs.

At some point in their research, buyers begin to make comparisons between the companies they are considering. This is the stage where they are going to call your sellers for further queries.

When consumers take the initiative, your sellers must identify them and speak to them in the most personalized possible way.


3. Purchase decision.

At this stage, consumers are about to decide whom they will buy from. (And they are ready to do it).

When they get to this point, what they are most interested in is your level of execution and customer service.

When it comes to bragging about your product or service, nothing speaks louder than the experience of your current customers. Use case studies and customer testimonials to show potential customers what others have achieved by choosing your company and how positive their experience of working with you was.

Once you've managed to sell something to them, your job isn't done. Most of your buyers will continue to investigate.

Remember that the content of your website is not only to attract prospects and close sales. Consider creating useful content about the most advanced features of your product or service and giving some advice to help customers give more value to what they purchased.


4. Evaluation of the purchase.

This is what any company, of any size and industry, expects its customers to do after closing a sale.

If everything goes according to plan, and buyers are happy, they can become a valuable resource, they can speak positively about your product on social media and the experience they have had with your company.


Tip: Implement a marketing plan.

Informed customers are the best result of an effective Inbound Marketing campaign. It will be a "salesman without salary" who will always be working to promote your brand. The more "promoters" you get, the more valued your company will be.



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