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Historias remarcables, entre fracasos y éxitos, sobre ejemplos de empresas de diferentes sectores, tamaños y países; para aprender, conocer e informarse.


Actualidad, eventos relevantes y desarrollos significativos en diversas áreas, reflejando la realidad de distintos contextos, brindando perspectivas enriquecedoras para estar al día.
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Personas. Procesos. Tecnología.

Creemos que los procesos claros, con el apoyo de la tecnología adecuada, generan un entorno donde las personas trabajan más felices, y en consecuencia vuelve a tu empresa más productiva.


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Do you know how to attract new students strategically ?
Feb 1, 2022 6:03:00 PM3 min read

Do you know how to attract new students strategically ?

Recruiting students using traditional marketing methods is already obsolete. Today the demand is greater as there are thousands of educational institutions that compete for the same students.

Institutions need to be more strategic about how they find and recruit students. Attracting interested students to your site, without competing in a market full of expensive ad purchases: this is how Inbound Marketing works in education.

Using Content Marketing as a pillar is the best way to effectively attract students. Create emotional connections through interesting, informative, and personalized content on the institution's website, other platforms, blog posts, and social networks.

It is said that it is easy to be found on the internet, however, with all the competition that exists in the educational sector, it is a task that requires intelligence, creativity, and, above all, knowledge of new tactics.


Doing Inbound Marketing keeps students connected to your educational institution long before they enroll.


SEO relationship - Content - Search engines.

By including relevant content on your website, you are optimizing for search engines.

With strategies such as Content Marketing and SEO, we arouse the students' interest and begin to build a relationship based on providing valuable information.

To get even more out of communications, lean on strategic marketing automation.

After they have received information at the right time and on your terms, students feel more confident in deciding on an educational institution: yours.

Search engine optimization allows you to appear in the first place and has to do with the structure of your website and the practices that you carry out so that others find you. Here are the first suggestions:

  1. Analyze through which keywords your future students are seeking to solve the learning need that your establishment can give them.
  2. Create strategic and relevant content where you address their concerns, give solutions and their problems, and, depending on the stage of the purchase process, show the benefits that your institute offers.
  3. Create a FAQ section where you answer in detail all the doubts that your prospects usually ask before becoming students. This will make your information 100% relevant.
  4. Learn the secrets of SEO, that is, how to optimize your site for search engines, how to distribute your pillar pages, and do link building (link exchange).
  5. Investigate which are the sites you want to create link exchange with. It is very important that you verify the digital authority of the sites with which you want to exchange content. There are special tools for this.


What does an educational institution gain from inbound marketing?

More leads

Inbound marketing strategies for educational institutions bring in significantly more qualified leads than traditional marketing activities, increasing the effectiveness of your enrollment campaigns.

More and more conversions

The conversion rate can be up to six times higher than the conversion rate for institutions that do not invest in inbound marketing for educational institutions.

Greater presence in social networks

You have to gain increased engagement and visibility on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and more.

Lower marketing budget

If you implement Inbound Marketing for educational institutions, a year-round student recruitment process is created. We often see institutions increase enrollment while cutting costs, up to 60% off their marketing budget in some cases.

Higher return on investment

When the cost of capturing leads decreases and student conversion increases, the institution grows while saving money, allowing it to use those savings for other activities that are central to its mission.

Increased student loyalty.

Inbound marketing increases the lifetime value of students, contributing to greater engagement and brand loyalty. When everyone is satisfied, the results are even greater!

You can find more information about this and more in our Inbound in Education guide that you can download here.

If you need help to develop a marketing strategy in your educational institution, contact us, we are specialists in Inbound Marketing in the education sector. 



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