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20 recommended playlists for the office (Spotify)
Jul 13, 2022 4:56:00 PM2 min read

20 recommended playlists for the office (Spotify)

Music is a perfect company at any time and occasion of the day, and for work time in the office, it is very important. Music helps stimulate the brain, and during working hours it can become a great ally to help workers concentrate, be relaxed, have a good mood, and be more productive, among other advantages. The Spotify app is used for streaming music playback and is very easy to use. It can be used in its common version, or a premium version, paying a very affordable monthly cost.

Today, we present you 20 recommended playlists for the office that you can listen to during your working day. They are all on Spotify, you find them looking for them by name in the app's search engine. Also, if the playlist you chose ends, the application continues with music with artists or genres similar to the ones you were listening to. 

Here we leave you our recommended playlists so that your hours at work are more bearable and fun, there is something for everyone!

  • En el trabajo. A list of almost 5 hours, with more than 250,000 followers.
  • Trabajo Relax. Three hours of ideal music to concentrate on, more than 500,000 followers.
  • Workday: Pop. A list for those days when motivation is needed. 11 hours of music with 500,000 followers.
  • All Out 90s. We all need a dose of retro music from time to time. This playlist is ideal. 5 and a half hours of music and almost two and a half million followers.
  • Vibração positivas. To activate the good energies in a day of work. 130,000 followers and 4 and a half hours of music.
  • Rock para trabajar. A compilation of national and international rock with 4 hours of music and 4000 followers.
  • Música UP. Ideal for Friday, to end the week with good vibes.
  • Love Pop. Quiet music to listen to in the background while you work. More than two million followers. 
  • Chill as Folk. Original Spotify list with alternative music.
  • Cover acoustic. List with acoustic versions of many artists. Ideal for quiet work. 13 straight hours of music.
  • Bossa Nova. A mix between zamba and jazz. 450,000 followers and 3 hours of music. 
  • Afternoon acoustic. If you need to focus, this is the ideal list. Two and a half million followers and 5 hours of music.
  • It's ALT Good! When you need to motivate at work, this list gives you good vibes.
  • Soak Up the Sun. To activate a workday. 7 and a half hours of good vibes.
  • License to Chill. Nine hours of cool music, ideal to accompany your work.
  • Take Note of These Covers. The description of this playlist reads: "sometimes a cover can be much better than the original version". 
  • Chilled R&B. To work well relaxed. 3 hours of music. More than a million followers.
  • Impulso Creativo. Its name says it all. 5 hours and more than 500,000 followers.
  • Pop Argentina. A set of current music songs by Argentine artists. 
  • Concentración perfecta. Playlist so you can not get distracted and your productivity is high. 

We hope that one of these lists is the perfect company for your different workdays. There is something for all tastes and moods!


Would you add any list? Which one would you recommend us to listen to in our office? Leave us your comment!



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