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10 tips to position yourself in the market
Mar 29, 2022 4:59:14 PM6 min read

10 tips to position yourself in the market

Positioning itself in the market is the supreme objective pursued by most companies, that is, how they are projected in the mind of the consumer. Market positioning is, literally, the position that a brand, product, or service occupies in the minds of its potential consumers.

Many brands are synonymous with success and are so well positioned that people consume them for the brand itself and not for their function itself. For example, when you have to change your mobile phone or your laptop, you orient yourself to look for recognized brands that you know that, in addition, to offer good quality products, you know that are well-positioned in the market.

Being able to position yourself in the market is not easy, since it depends on several variables that you must take into account, such as the quality of the product, the marketing strategies that you use to spread your products, and the time that you dedicate to your business to make it profitable, competitive and interesting for your target audience.

Now, if it is also your goal to position yourself in the market, here, we share a series of useful and practical tips for you to achieve it.


Internal factors

External competition in the market is completely unavoidable. You will meet other companies that sell something identical to yours. So what can you do to stand out from the crowd and position yourself in the market?

1. Create your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Your USP (also called Unique Selling Proposition or USP) is what sets you apart from your competitors. It explains in detail how to create products that only you can deliver, address customer concerns, and why customers should choose your products.

You should note your USP in a business document or marketing plan. It helps to reinforce the idea of your online strategies. Also, placing this on the front of your website will allow users to understand your business.

2. Mark your business for a solid foundation

What do you want to see in yourself and how would you achieve it? How to achieve that goal? Listing your vision and mission may seem a bit basic, but it's a great start to understanding your company.

3. Empower your team

A brand does not mean just the nominal value of your company. It is not about those logos, marketing posters, or websites that define the personality of your company. Your partners are a special type of brand that allows people to have a clear and positive mental image of your business.

This is simple, they work perfectly in your company; therefore, the company gets a positive image. Poor performance can cause the company to have a bad brand.

Give your team members a sense of purpose, a goal, or objectives to achieve. That way, they have a purpose, a meaning, and something to look forward to in your company. When we say employee growth, it doesn't have to be a promotion or an additional job, but rather you invite them to attend a training, seminar, or workshop to hone their skills.


Customer relations

After creating the foundation of your business, it's time to define your target audience. How old are they? What do they do? What is your lifestyle? Are they in line with your brand message?

4. Know your target audience

First, you need to know to whom you are marketing. How old are they? What do these people do during the weekends? What are their lifestyles, their likes or dislikes? What do you think is in the buying personality?

You can try to reach your ideal customers by interviewing them directly or collecting surveys about them. Here's what to include when you want to build a profile of your potential customers:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Job
  • Income
  • Interests
  • Hobbies
  • Priorities
  • Goals

5. Don't forget likely prospects

You have customers and prospects, both are different. The latter is someone interested in your service and will become a likely customer. Meanwhile, a customer has already made transactions with your company. To better understand your audience, you can do an A/B Test of your service to position yourself in the market.

For example, you have a body protection product with a target demographic of gym users. However, it may be of interest to anyone who is involved in an accident, somebody who wants to prevent injuries in their line of work or seeks aftercare after a surgical procedure.

6. Create a customer profile

The better you know your target group, the better you can reach them with your message. Identify your target market and understand their background, experiences, likes, and dislikes toward the environment. People receive thousands of ad campaigns every day.

So how to position yourself in the market? Your best approach to producing content lies in how well you know your target customer. At the same time, you can modify the personality of your customers, especially when they gained new audiences that have not been below their target groups.

7. Use testimonials from buyer customers

People are likely to buy your products, especially when they see positive testimonials or reviews of your business. You communicate with regular customers about why they love doing business with you. You can even post their reviews on your website with their consent.

A business with positive buying customers gets a thumbs up in the industry. In due time, you can become an authority figure in your line. Social proof is an effective marketing strategy to drive sales and win over customers. It is a phenomenon known as informational social influence in which people are easily influenced by the actions of others and thus follow the same actions.


Market and competitors

Even if you already have a well-established product and have a portfolio of important customers, it is very important to know your market well to always be at the forefront of the latest trends.

Mainly, those who work in it, know that the digital market is constantly changing, and what at the time monopolized all the attention in the search buttons, today ceased to be interesting because something else was imposed in its place to cause the same or greater impact.

For this reason, so that you do not get left behind, you must always be attentive to the news and trends that arise daily to anticipate and, thus, stand out. In the end, the sooner you prepare for a new marketing strategy, for example, the greater the chances of being a pioneer in it and thus better position yourself in front of consumers.

Small business owners often find the ideal market for large companies due to the resources and stiff competition in the industry they are in. However, as a startup or small business owner, you need to know how to position yourself in the market despite your size.

8. Create a competitor analysis

Competitor analysis is a method in which your company considers your competitor's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Every day, large companies collect data from their competitors. But small business owners don't recognize the method as a profitable appraisal.

9. Carry out a market analysis

The market analysis allows you to detect your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT). From your SWOT analysis, you can create smart strategies on how to stem your losses with the strengths of your business. A SWOT analysis will also predict the foreseeable trends and how to adapt to them.

10. Prepare a strategic marketing plan for your brand

Companies without good digital marketing strategies do not have a clear objective of what they want to achieve with their company and target audience. By putting your efforts into online marketing, you can understand your customers and what they want. You can also learn about your online value proposition and market share based on how many respond to your digital marketing efforts. Therefore, it is to locate and position yourself in the market.

Although positioning yourself in the market is not an easy task, it is not a utopia either, and by taking these tips into account, especially creating a good marketing strategy, knowing your target audience and market in-depth, you are closer to achieving it.

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