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10 signs to identify that your internal processes are failing
Feb 2, 2022 12:23:42 PM3 min read

10 signs to identify that your internal processes are failing

A company that has problems in its internal processes will find endless signs that will be displayed regularly, which is detrimental to the business. That is why it is necessary to carry out good internal processes that are well designed and implemented. This will help the company in many ways that will lead to greater competitive advantage and improved productivity.

Below we leave you some information so that you can detect that your company is having important flaws in its internal processes:


  1. You don't delegate

Regardless of the size of the organization, many times the owner of the company works as just another employee, and even their work extends more hours than any of these. You must ask yourself a very important question: "If the employer works as an employee, who is the one who works as an employer?" That is why it is important to delegate functions.


  1. Most of the time is used to solve short-term issues

Many times the daily routine consumes your time and it is impossible to think about long-term goals if you are trying to solve current problems The maximum aspiration of a company is to be better and for this, it is necessary to organize it.


  1. You don't make plans

As a consequence of the previous point, time is not invested in planning and when you do make plans, goals are not achieved. This means that there is always some lack of control or disorder in the company.


  1. You don't control

Many companies do not keep accounting records (formal or not) that are adjusted to reality. Due to not knowing it, the company ends up having minimal management control indexes and it's only in control of the availability of funds, the number of employees, the stock or the opening of a store, tangible elements, or variables to know if it's growing or not.


  1. Unqualified employees

Many times, employees are hired without respecting a basic interview protocol or to avoid paying a more qualified person, making the employees who work for us do not have the level of knowledge to be able to provide us with a good job.


  1. There is no division of labor

This occurs when functions and tasks are not clearly defined, therefore, people apply their efforts without being aware of their obligations and how these play out in other activities that are carried out by their peers and for the final result (product/service) expected.


  1. Real problems are not addressed

This problem goes hand in hand with the previous point, this is due to the lack of a division of tasks, it is assumed that the solution to all the problems belongs to someone else.


  1. Emphasis is placed on working long and hard instead of understanding that working well is better

In wanting to achieve the survival of the business, the owner lives attending to emergencies and financial demands, leaving aside the definition of objectives, management control, planning, marketing actions and even dealing with customers.


  1. Poor human resources management

The excessive trust that can be given due to daily contact and treatment added to the lack of a policy in this regard, makes the employment relationship relax, minimizing authority. In addition, it must always be taken into account that poor human resource management generates dissatisfied workers.


  1. Problems with the data we obtain

When we have problems in our internal processes we will see it reflected in the low (and sometimes poor) quality of the data that reaches us: inaccurate, duplicates, expired. It is possible to find an inventory that is out of stock or, on the contrary, overstocked.

The panorama faced by a company with problems in its processes is very different from that of another that treats these problems professionally, since acting through internal processes is an effort that is well worth it; this will give you in return benefits that will help you make a difference in today's highly competitive environment, such as:

  • Strategic decision-making.
  • Increased economic benefits.
  • Cost reduction in different areas.
  • Marketing efficiency.
  • Improvement in other intangible assets (reputation, etc.).



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