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Cómo establecer una estrategia de marketing completa-azul

Contenido editorial

Commercial strategy for closing sales

Learn the secrets behind a business strategy that closes sales.



How can you develop an effective commercial strategy? In this editorial content, we tell you how to do it in a way that helps you close sales for your company. However, when we talk about promptness we do not mean that sellers manipulate buyers to respond quickly to their sales needs. Our philosophy is completely different: we provide solutions from real needs. 


To understand what we are talking about, from this perspective, the first point we refer to is the change in the commercial paradigm of the last few years that emphasized the transition from the transactional sale method to the non-transactional sale method (or consulting). As regards the former, we can relate it to typical direct selling in which the buyer has the need of making the purchase with no previous research. Non-transactional sales, on the contrary, allow buyers to carry out previous research on a need or problem they have so that they find a particular solution with the help of a sales representative. The inbound methodology is a clear example of the non-transactional method and it has fostered this change in the commercial paradigm. 


Therefore, we are talking about a different commercial strategy that does not force or chase customers; instead, it looks for those who have a real need of buying a product or service. How can you achieve this? Below, we provide you with a summary as an outline: 


  1. Identifying your target public.
  2. Getting their e-mail address.
  3. Analyzing briefly the company and the industry. 
  4. Creating a commercial sequence.
  5. Controlling the process of sales representatives.
  6. Analyzing the efficiency.
  7. Improving the procedure. 

Following this process will not only give strength to your commercial plan and confidence to your team, but it also will allow you to get better-qualified leads, a greater number of closed sales, more loyal customers, and, consequently, long-lasting and profitable commercial relationships for your company.

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