Business Process Framework

A new management concept that involves a change in the organizational model in which people, processes and technology work to achieve a common goal: the growth of the company.

In the current complex business environment, companies must face several challenges daily. 

In order to do this, it is important to reconsider the business management model adapted to the present times. Undoubtedly, this change of framework goes through a computer revolution so companies must commit to modernize and eliminate those time-consuming processes that obstruct their good functioning. 

It is important to emphasize that those companies that update themselves in the use of new technologies will be the ones that gain more ground over those that do not, thus, getting competitive leverage over their competitors. 

In this new framework in which technology plays a very important role, Saas (Software as a Service) as part of the solution, opens new possibilities for digital communication with a quick and efficient flow. Moreover, it is important to use business intelligence to determine which is the most appropriate software for your business model based on the processes of your company. 

Finally, we will focus on which is the change that companies need to implement to stop operating following former organizational designs made up of closed "silos" and start to guide their business by a collaborative and participatory working model, designed from the key processes. 

In this document, you will find: 



    >> A description of the global economic context and its transformations.
    >> Changes in the market assessment.
    >>Commercial environment complexity and its consequences. 
    >>Moore's law.
    >> Organizational design: processes structure, information flow and decision-making.

    >> Saas (Software as a Service) technological appearance and its possibilities.
    >> Analysis of a practical case: a customer's experience.
    >> Organizational structure based on B.P.F. (Business Process Framework).
    >> Software integration by using an API.
    >> Processes efficiency.
    >> IoT & AI challenges and opportunities. 

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